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Improve your Willpower

Willpower, or lack of it, is something that so many clients raise as a problem/an issue. Strong willpower, the ability to delay gratification in pursuit of a longer term goal, is widely recognised as something that will give people the edge in life. It has been reported to lead to more academic success, happier marriages, better relationships, professional success and much more. Yet lack of willpower is one of the most common reasons my clients struggle to achieve their goals.

Whether you are struggling with diets, alcohol consumption, drug use or other issues, take a look at some of our top tips here….

Minding Me Psychologists top tips for strengthening your willpower - achieving your long-term goals and beating the desire for instant gratification

1) Both bad habits and positive behaviours tend to be contagious so surround yourself with people who encourage you and support your goals.

2) Employ relaxation techniques to slow down and get in the ideal physiological state to strengthen your willpower

3) Ensure you get enough rest, sleep deprivation is a willpower killer.

4) Improve your mood by spending time outside and breathing in fresh air. Spend more time doing things you enjoy in order to relieve stress and strengthen your motivation

5) Eat a healthy diet to ensure you have the energy you need to stay focused on your goal

6) Accept that it is normal for things to be really difficult sometimes. Notice and observe any cravings or strong desires to ‘cheat’ and avoid acting on them, as they will pass

7) Look for opportunities to practice self-control and strengthen your willpower by meditating. Pay attention to your breathing. Take deep, slow breaths and really focus as you do so.

8) Keep your goal at the forefront of your mind. Focus on what you want to achieve and keep reminding yourself of this and how good you will feel about yourself for resisting any temptations.

9) Remember that you know what to do and you know the answer-‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear ‘

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